bitseeya is a one-room-bitsy-game about the last days of Ouya.
what happens when you turn a console off and... never turn it on again?

the html version of the game was created with Bitsy Game Maker (developed by Adam Le Doux) and hacked with this great set of tools made by ayolland: Borksy.

i've also developed an Android version of the game, simulating the bitsy "engine" with Clickteam Fusion 2.5: you can download this (imperfect and clumsy) edition on your smartphone. i've developed it for Ouya and now i'm trying to pass the submission process: maybe you will see it on the official store one day (remember that Ouya will "disappear" on 25th of June)!
if you decide to download the game and install it on your console, feel free to contact me and tell me about the problems you may find!
You will see two android versions in this download section: the first file is the apk for your Ouya, the second one is the build tested on smartphone.
Thank you very much for your attention!

HOW TO PLAY (Ouya version)
- d-pad or analog stick to move
- any other button (except "O" and "A"!) to read text

HOW TO PLAY (Android smartphone version)
- arrows and space bar if you use a keyboard (tested)
- virtual pad on screen -using arrows also during the dialogue- (tested)


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OUYA_bitseeya.apk 6 MB
bitseeya.apk 6 MB

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