A downloadable prototype for events

There are no downloads available for this game, because it's a prototype i showcase here and there when i feel like it: it's supposed to be played with the old and forgotten Union Reality, a pseudo-VR headset that used to cost a lot (like, a lot!) and is now considered garbage.

Content Warning for class struggle and depiction of excrements!

Kakkorrhaphiophobia tells the story of a city that is used as a dump by another one, the beautiful and rich one, with its perfect sense of order, its clean streets and its constant innovation.

It tells the story of an excluded city, literally surrounded by the excrements produced in the other city, where the smell is annihilated with some expensive eau de toilet... Pardon, toilette.

Kakkorrhaphiophobia talks about those who live in the dump-city and their attempts to reinvent everyday shit in order to build new possibilities. New streets.

Original music by "Pikkio Mania", a member of the italian band Rainbow Island!

Here some photos of the headset plus the improvised installation during an event.

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