Controls: click on the device every time you want to activate the typing mode, write anything you want, press enter and receive your prophecy while watching (and reading) the video.

PEThIA - some kind of future is about someone going home after work and their weird companion: a little virtual fish who provides oracles, predicts the future (at least this is what many people say) and is installed on a particular device.
The person has a lot of questions and the digital cyprinid has a lot of answers that seems perfect for other questions.

In this short FMV typing experimental game (inspired by  the Pythia, the Greek historical figure known as the Oracle of Delphi) the background of the fragment of story you'll see will be largely defined by yourself, depending on what you decide to ask and what you believe is the meaning of everything.

there's something hidden and there's a way to find the truth

Mobile compatibility note: when you write the text, please use the enter button that will pop up in the game window to confirm, since the return key of the virtual keyboard won't work.

The game is also available on

- Made during the GDevelop Jam #2 -


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I really like the novelty, this is just a somewhat new experience for me. it really gives me a spark of inspiration. I probably, just probably make something like this sometime soon. in some kind of future.


Thank you so much for taking some time, playing my game and writing this beautiful comment here! I really like making experiments with videos and interactive elements: I think I'll keep on doing them, in some kind of future! ;)