A downloadable manifesto

this is a little manifesto about living in physical places that do not represent us and the possibility of creating different, special and inclusive virtual worlds.
we need utopian hideaways that can help us to improve our dull reality.


if you want, you can try to recreate a nice atmosphere around you while reading this text: find your "perfect" place, dim the light, and put some relaxing  music on! i'd suggest artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura ("Music For Nine Post Cards", etc.) or Tatsuhiko Asano ("Genny Haniver")...

P.S.: do whatever you want with this text, because it is in the public domain! you can edit, modify, change, share and even sell it! and do not hesitate to comment on this page or contact me if you find errors, problems and so on!

P.P.S.: ♥


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This is beautifully written and absolutely powerful <3

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wow! this tiny manifesto is really important to me on a personal level, so i don't know how to thank you for your comment! in this period i would like to have enough strength to finish a little project i'm working on: i had to put everything on hold for a few weeks, but your kind words gave me new energy!
thank you so much <3